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The Perfect Solution for Publishing on USB Flash Drives

A complete solution that has anything you will ever need for publishing software, games, and any other digital contents on USB flash drives - Anti-copy protection, Digital Rights Management, read-only USB, CD-ROM partition, Autorun, internet updates and much more.

USB Copy Protection

Which file types can be protected with TrusCont Content Protection?

TrusCont Content Protection supports protection of the most commonly used file types such as Software, PDF, Djvu, HTM, HTML, SWF, PNG, JPG, GIF, MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, AVI, MPG, WMV, ASF, DCM, DIC, IMA, NEMA and many other file formats.

Is it possible to protect Microsoft Office Files?

Current version doesn't support protection of office files since these file types are primarily used for editing. However, customers can convert office files to PDF files or flash presentations and then protect the converted files.

Can TrusCont protect proprietary file formats?

Yes. TrusCont is file type independent. Virtually any file type can be protected. However, when protecting proprietary file formats you must test your product to make sure the applications that need to read the protected files are able to do so properly.

Do I need a special software to read protected files?

No. Protected files open naturally with standard applications such as Adobe Reader, Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player. HTML links, simple double click or any other method for opening files work naturally.

Does TrusCont include a special viewer for opening protected files?

No. Protected files open naturally with standard applications such as Adobe Reader, Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player. HTML links, simple double click or any other method for opening a file works naturally.

Can TrusCont make my files and USB flash drive Read only?

Yes. TrusCont allows you to set a read-only partition or a CD-ROM partition and store your files on it. Your files will then be read-only and your customer will not be able to delete it.

Is it possible to set multiple partitions on a single USB Flash Drive?

Yes. In addition to the first partition on which you store your files TrusCont allows you to set a second partition from the unused memory capacity. The second partition is write enabled allowing your customers to use it as a standard flash disk without affecting your files that are store on the first read-only partition.

How many files can I protect on each flash drive?

TrusCont doesn't limit the number of files you can protect. You can protect as many files as you wish as long as you have enough storage capacity on your flash drive.

Can I overwrite the flash drive with new protected files?

Yes. The copy protection license allows you unlimited number of overwrite for 1 year using TrusCont software tools. You can even set a publisher password to make sure no one else can use the same tools to overwrite your files.

What happens after the 1 year license expires?

Your files remain protected and useable but you cannot overwrite it anymore. However, you can renew the license for additional year (even after it has expired).

Is it possible to update the flash drive after it was sent to the customer?

Yes. TrusCont software has comprehensive updates system that allows you to create a single EXE update file. You can then send this file to your customers or even make it available for download. You customers will be able to double click it and it will automatically update their flash drives with your new files.

On which operating systems the protected files can be used?

Current version supports all Microsoft Windows operating systems starting from Windows 2000 SP 4 and later, including XP, Vista, Windows 7 and server editions of Windows.

Is it possible to use TrusCont protected files on Mac and Linux?

Current version of TrusCont doesn’t support Mac and Linux operating systems. Protected files will remain protected on these operating systems but will not be playable.

Does TrusCont support 64 bit operating systems?

Yes. TrusCont support Windows XP 64 bit, Windows Vista 64 bit, Windows 7 64 bit, Server 2003 64 bit, Server 2008 64 bit, as well as all other 32 bit Windows operating systems from Windows 2000 and above. Protected content files can be viewed on 64 bit OS using standard 32 bit viewers and players.

Does TrusCont copy protection requires the end user to have administrator rights?

Administrator rights are required only one for the first run of a TrusCont copy protected disk. After the end user runs a TrusCont protected disk once he can run any TrusCont protected disk on his computer even without admin rights.

Does TrusCont requires the user to install drivers or other software?

TrusCont is totally transparent to the end user. All the necessary components are loaded in the background without interrupting the end user in any way.

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